Time is right for seismic testing

With the initial approval of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) for seismic testing off the Atlantic states, South Carolina is presented with a unique opportunity to evaluate our available resources in an environmentally responsible manner.



Why are we still waiting for Keystone XL pipeline approval?

President Obama's State of the Union address was nearly 7,000 words long. He talked a lot, in general terms, about getting people back to work and devoted almost 500 words to the subject of energy, but not once did he mention the Keystone XL pipeline.



Keystone report from State Dept. puts common sense back in the pipeline

Environmentalists have drawn a line in the sand on the Keystone XL pipeline. It's the wrong line in the wrong sand, far away from any realistic assessment of the merits - as yet another government analysis has confirmed. It's past time for President Obama to set aside politics and resolve this bizarre distraction of an issue.



Greener than 'Green'

A constant, mild hiss. That was my chief observation when I returned to Anadarko Petroleum's Landon Pad A, a natural-gas site in Lycoming County, Pa.



Real Promised Land

We found this website that provided a different opinion to "The Promise Land" movie and are providing it to our energy forum readers: To hear Hollywood tell it, folks out in rural America who are presented with an opportunity to develop their mineral rights and produce clean-burning natural gas for the country have a tough choice on their hands: Don't do it, and you ruin your economy. Do it, and you ruin your environment.



Benefits and opportunities in oil and gas

U.S. oil and natural gas production is higher today than it has been for many years, providing a big boost to the economy at a time of sluggish job and income growth.



Who controls our energy supply? YOU Do!!

South Carolina, like many states, is gearing up for the 2012 presidential and election. Candidates will be visiting the state over the next few months, and it is an important chance for you, the citizens the United States, to send your message to national candidates about American energy.



Offshore or Import. Two Questions.

In 2010, we spent $72 billion more for imported oil than we did in 2009, but we have two questions we need to ask ourselves.