About Us

The South Carolina Energy Forum is a growing community of concerned citizens and partners committed to improving the public's understanding and support of the many opportunities presented by domestic energy access - especially that off the shores of South Carolina. 

After educating fellow South Carolinians, we want to ensure our elected officials create sound energy policies that include more domestic access which will build a stronger state economy and increase the country's energy security.

The South Carolina Energy Forum supports expanded conservation efforts and increased development of all energy sources including renewable.  But facts show we will need oil and natural gas for many more decades.  By utilizing our own resources first, we will keep more jobs and more money here at home.  Americas needs to open the access of the resources here in North America. 

The South Carolina Energy Forum is engaged with a number of citizen-based organizations and stakeholders across the state to discuss energy issues and to further the dialogue on offshore access, energy security and economic security for the state’s future.