Debate over controversial offshore drilling in Mount Pleasant

March 16, 2015

NBC News 2

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC - Today in Mount Pleasant state lawmakers and conservationists spoke out about potential offshore drilling in South Carolina.  Officials weighed the pros and cons of drilling for oil and natural gas, and who will be affected if this does happen off the Carolina coast.

South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan was in Mount Pleasant at an energy forum on Wednesday and said the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's five-year plan, which was introduced by Congress, could bring oil rigs 50 miles off the coast in Georgetown and Horry counties, resulting in a massive economic boost for the state. "The leasing plan begins in 2017 and it's a five-year leasing plan. I see the excitement from Georgetown County and Horry County - the counties that could benefit - and the Port of Georgetown. The possibility of more economic activity at the port, it's a great port and it would be great to support offshore industries," said Duncan.

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