Haley opposes new ozone limits

March 16, 2015

Post and Courier

Gov. Nikki Haley has joined 10 other Republican governors opposing stricter limits on ozone emissions. The new limits were proposed last year by the Obama administration. Republican legislators balked at it.

The governors sent a letter Monday to Gina McCarthy, Environmental Protection Agency director, saying most if not nearly all counties in the country currently would not meet the new standards, “an economic penalty box so severe that needed economic growth is stunted. In nonattainment areas, any growth is predicated on successfully navigating a bureaucratic maze of federal and state regulators,” the letter reads.

The governors said their states have driven unprecedented improvements in air quality in the four decades since the Clean Air Act was passed while keeping a core principle that the rules “can and must” coexist with free market policies promoting jobs and economic freedom.

The proposed change would jettison the free market policies in favor of an “onerous, job-crushing standard,” the letter said.

Ozone is smog-forming pollution linked to asthma and respiratory illness. It’s caused by heavy traffic and other sources. Coastal breezes tend to mitigate the effects of smog in the Charleston environs. In 2014, the two monitors in Charleston largely reported declines in ozone over the past decade, according to the state Department of Health and Environmental Control.

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